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‘New Woman’, the women who strongly wanted the equal right to vote,
the first women who wore trousers rather than skirts,
the first women to cut their long hair which was hanging on to a Daenggi,
the women who were breaking old customs and creating a new culture.

If these women did not exist, the women today would live a rather bland, meaningless life.
‘KELLYSHIN’ is a collection inspired by the new women, who inspired new ways,
and the progressive and energetic women who are living in this day and age.

I would like to think the ‘new women’ who transcend ‘sex’
and dominate ‘tough’ and ‘soft’ are the women
who live in this contemporary age and do various or complicated roles that are in reality very close to warriors.

Expressing a strong and elegant woman, paying attention to detail.

Based on a technical feminine look, I added feminine elements such as a ruffles, corsets or silk.
I tried to make a variation of designs that were not only strong but soft in style.

I feel so empty here.
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